About Me

As a child I use to believe that anyone over 40 was old.  I thought at some miraculous moment on or close to my 40th birthday something in me would change.  I would stop wearing jeans and t-shirts, in fact they would probably rip to shreds much like the Hulk changes and I would emerge wearing double knit with an elastic waist.  Instantly I would start listening to classical music instead of classic rock.  My television would instantly change to the TCM station and MTV would vanish off my menu. Well, MTV has vanished off my menu, but only because their music changed.

Needless to say, I have passed 40 by a long shot and none of my childhood beliefs have materialized.  I am the same me, maybe I have gained a little weight but I haven't really changed.

Things I Love

I love waking to the fresh aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee in the morning.  I love richly brewed strong coffee, the kind that does not allow you to see the color of the cup once the cup is filled.  The first cup in the morning is always the best.  It sets the mood for the whole day. 

I also love the water, by this I mean the ocean, lakes and rivers.  I have always lived near one of them and have spent most of my free time enjoying them.  I learned to wake board several years ago.  Last year I took up kayaking.  I have always enjoyed fishing whether it be fresh water or salt water.

Most of all I love my family.  I have three wonderful children ranging from 19 to 26.  I have a wonderful and understanding husband to whom I have been married to almost 30 years.  Between the four of them, they keep me on my toes and keep me feeling young at heart.

This blog is a humorous look at life and enjoying life. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of tea, sit down and share your ideas and thoughts with me.  We aren't ready for any rocking chair or to be put up on a shelf.