Friday, July 15, 2011

For the Love of Colanders

Atheist Niko Alm of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster wins right to wear pasta colander on head for driving licence |

This morning while reading the news I read the article about Niko Alm who won the right to wear a pasta colander on his head for his driving license. I had to laugh but not for the reasons you may think. The pictures brought back on kinds of memories of my child hood. I grew up a military brat and we moved quite frequently. A lot of times we did not live near the base. My mother did not drive until I was older and so I spent a great deal of time by myself and entertaining myself.

I had a great imagination and used to spend a great deal of time reading. I would recreate the scenes from the book I had read. I could make a castle with two chairs and a blanket on a cold and wet afternoon. A spaghetti colander hat, the tube from a row of paper and my fort was now a viking ship and I was out exploring the seven seas. In my colander I could explore all parts of history and new places in the world. Later when we returned from living overseas, my colander was then turned into spaceship headgear.

Looking back I think it my imagination and entertaining myself that has helped me in my career. I have always had a love for building and creating things. All my life I have had a knack for being able to fix things. Actually it is being able to see how things work or operate and once I know how it operates I can fix it. Many a day and night I have spent repairing appliances and other items for people either in person or walking them through how to repair it on the phone.  Mostly because I can not stand to see people being taken advantage of, and I have seen that from repairman quite a few times.  Not that they are dishonest but bad troubleshooters, and someone ends up paying for the parts.  I have always been able to look at objects and see what it can be or the potential it may have if reconstructed differently.  Many times I have seen something in the junk pile only to check it out and find the repair is minor.  I got a moped that way, that someone had thrown out as unrepairable.  $20.00 later and the cost to transfer the title I had a fully operational moped.  I have also gotten computers and vehicles that way.  To think it all started with a stainless steel colander.

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  1. What a sweet story and a very creative mind you have :o) It's a wonderful ability to be able to look beyond the obvious to all the wondrous possibilities... to make the ordinary extraordinary!

    On that note, I'm going to go see what I can do with this hideous hair of mine... extraordinary measures are in order!