Friday, April 8, 2011



Maybe it is because my children are grown and I have not been around infants or toddlers for awhile.  I am uncertain what caused it, but I think I have developed an allergy towards infants.

Now I never had this when my children were young or maybe I just never noticed it.  There are things about your own children that you never notice.  I am sure every mother thinks her children are perfect.

Babies seem to know when I am holding them.  It is like a little radar goes off inside of them, alerting them.  Every time I am holding an infant something seems to come out one side or the other.  It is never the kind of thing that washes off quickly, the aroma lingers for awhile.  The smell of spoiled milk stays with you.  Or some little toddler decides to sit on you lap only to leave a wet spot on you lap.  I can not help but shudder when someone asks me to hold their baby, I quickly look at what I am wearing.  Wonder to myself what is the possible worst thing that can happen.  Maybe if I sneeze or cough they will think I have a cold and decide someone else should hold the baby.

All my friends are starting to have grand children.  I do not have any grand children of my own.  I wonder if when I do, if my allergy will disappear as it did with my own children. 

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