Monday, April 18, 2011

The Infiltration


I must admit I have an un-birthday coming up soon.  I stopped celebrating my birthdays a couple of years ago.   I try to keep from thinking that I am getting older, but here lately it seems that every direction I turn someone is reminding me of my age.

AARP has infiltrated my mailbox, with the precision of a well tuned Army.  It started a few months ago, a casual letter in the mail.  Now it has turned into a avalanche of mail reminding me of my upcoming birthday and just how old I am.   AARP is not the only perpetrator, I have been received letters from assisted living companies and retirement communities.  The funny part, is I still have approximately 15 years before I am able to retire.

I told myself at first, it is just coincidental, junk mail that is sent out to everyone.  I am seriously starting to have second thoughts about it now.  I think it is a serious conspiracy to make me feel my age.


  1. Haha I've never understood why people worry so much about their age as they get older....

  2. C, you must still be very young. Take it from us aging Wackies and Caffiene addicts, age is not for the faint of heart... And the Golden Years, well, my Ex mother in law who is now 92 said it, "I can't walk, I can't hear, I don't remember my own name let alone anyone else's, I can't sleep, I can't taste anything and everyone I knew is dead... What's so Golden about it?

    Oh and Pumped, I AM a member of AARP and I'm 54... It give you great discounts at Denny's... LOL

  3. LOL Wacky Ex Wife, I will probably join AARP eventually. If I can ever stop stomping on their envelopes long enough to read it. Grand Slam breakfasts hmmm.

  4. A fellow caffeiner after my own breakfast... LOL

  5. So, I will not tell you happy birthday, if you do not want, but Happy Easter !:-)))

  6. Thank you, Happy Easter to you also. :)