Friday, April 15, 2011

The Remote

What is the connection between men and the remote?  Is it like a tradition passed down from father to son, that the remote is an extension of their hand.  They are the ones to control the volume and the station. 

In my household when we sit down in the evening to watch a little television.  My husband already has the remote in his hand, he changes it to the guide.  Faster than a speeding bullet, he starts going through all 500 stations.  All I can see is a white blur, unable to read the words as we go through all the channels.  Suddenly the station stops, perhaps on the weather channel, fox news or the history channel, but never on the show we are going to watch.

Innocently, my husband asks, “Did you see anything you wanted to watch?”  

I reply, “No, I didn’t see anything” 

My husband states, “ I saw an a program on the history channel we haven’t seen before, do you want to watch it?”  and before I can answer the guide is already up and moving at light speed to the desired station.

So we start watching a show and the first commercial comes on.  Instantly the guide is back up, heaven forbid we watch a commercial.  Warp speed through the channels, check tomorrows weather, maybe a little headline news, then back to original show which has already started.

Now, I thought this was just at my household.  The other day we went to visit our children and my son does the exact thing.  Then I started noticing it at other households also.  

I have come to the conclusion that this is male thing.  They have to control the remote and they have to surf the channels. 




  1. Another good outcome of divorce. The Remote is MINE!!!

  2. I know what you mean. My husband always has the remote in his hand, then he falls asleep, and begins to push the buttons without realizing it, because he is asleep. When I try to grab it, He wakes up and wonders why I needed the remote when it is on the same channel as when he dozed off.

  3. Amen to every word of this post. It has passed from Father to Sons and to Grandson.