Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Day for Mayzie


For those of you who don’t know, Mayzie is our two and a half year old German short hair pointer.   A more loving and loyal dog you will not find.  The first one to greet you and always happy to see you.  She loves going to the beach and swimming.  004

Today the wind finally stopped blowing, so we took her down to the bay.   The minute she hears the word beach she starts to get excited, so we do not use that word lightly around our household.  Running to the car, then back to me, then to my husband, then back to the car.  This continues while we pack the ice chest, load the chairs, get her leash and load the car.  The true excitement comes when her donut comes off the shelf.  Although we play ball or Frisbee with her for a minimum of one hour a day, the excitement level increases tenfold when the donut is taken off the shelf.

The donut is a yellow floating device, with a slinger used for throwing the donut.  It is by far her favorite game.


We all get in the car, it is a five minute drive to the county park. The park is seldom used and we are usually the only ones there.   The bay is sheltered there and allows her to swim without huge waves.  Sometimes I think she thinks it is own private beach.     Mayzie knows the drive well and the closer we get the anticipation goes as little whimpers start coming from the backseat.   The road to the park winds through farm fields and she has every turn memorized.  The closer we get the louder the whimpers get.  Finally we arrive at the park.  We open the back door and she runs straight into the water.  There she will swim out and tread water or stand on her back legs in the water until we unload the car and get out her donut. 


Throw the donut in the water, she swims to it and retrieves it.  This continues until my arm hurts or it gets dark.

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  1. That looks so nice for you all! And how wonderful that you have found a place where you are pretty much alone too. My dog Lisen loves to swim as well. And just like your Mayzie she recognizes the road to where I take her to swim. So she also gets excited as we get closer and closer to it. Hehe.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post! :-)

  2. Thank you for visiting. I enjoyed reading about your travels.