Saturday, May 7, 2011

No Political Posts


Alright readers, I haven’t posted in a few days.  I have been busy with work and our online store.  Mostly though I promised myself that this blog would not be political.  With everything in the news lately I have had to sit on my fingers to keep my promise to myself.  It has been hard but I have prevailed. 

It is not that I do not have an opinion because I do.  I keep myself very abreast of what is happening in our great nation and in our world.  It is because I find it very agitating that with every actor or actress that comes along gets on the band wagon backing some cause or some one.  It is not only actors and actresses either, a lot of the singers do the same thing.  I look to these people for entertainment.   I do not care about their political opinions and they have never swayed me one way or the other.  Maybe Sean Penn has swayed me a little because he is one of the actors I am boycotting because I am tired of his ridiculous opinions.