Monday, October 17, 2011

Do You Leave a Tip at Restaurants?


While I was going to school I worked as a waitress.  First in a restaurant, then later as I got older, in a bar.  In college I worked as both a waitress and a bartender.  All three jobs depended on tips as part of my salary.  There was not a gratuity added to the check or an automatic 15% added to the check if you had a party of six or more.  I always seemed to do fairly well for myself depending on the day or the week and shift. 

My three kids while they were in high school also worked at jobs that relied on tips.  They also seemed to do well.  

I was reading this weekend, and a article caught my eye, San Francisco Restaurant Workers Want To Make 25% Standard Tip Rate « CBS San Francisco.  I have always looked at tips as a reward for good service.  Sometimes I received more than 15%, sometimes less, but for the most part it around 15%.  

I do think that a set tip should be set.  If the service is good, then you should leave a tip.  I always leave a standard 15% however if the service is outstanding I leave a larger tip.

What are your thoughts?

Do you leave a tip at bars and restaurants?

Do you tip you hairdresser?

If you tip, what percent do you usually leave?


  1. I usually start by figuring 20% in my head and then round up to the next dollar. Occasionally I add more but not usually.

    I do the same for my hairdresser.

    My husband is more likely to do 15%. I think in his mind that is up from the 10% in the "old" days.

    The tipping I struggle with is at a motel or resort. I don't ever remember tipping the housekeeper growing up.Do you tip housekeeping? How much? How much for the bell hop? LOL. Usually I end up carrying my own bags because it's easier than getting it wrong.

  2. I struggle with housekeeping also. Here lately we have been staying in condos for the week and there is no housekeeping. You just go to a central location and exchange your items for clean ones.

    I am very picky about my hair also. I don't like anyone touching my head. lol. So when I find someone I like, I tip them also.

    My husband tips higher than I do. I do the standard 15% he does the 20%. Sometimes more if we are a large party.

  3. My bf and I usually tip 15-20%. My bf told me that people usually tip plummer, cable guy etc. My bf works as a plummer and is tipped regularly. Not sure if "everyone" tips these guys.

  4. Yep ~ I leave 20% ~ which is the going rate in MA ~ I too worked as a waitress while going to college ~ paid my way! ~ Thanks for joining my linky Magical Monday at A Creative Harbor ~ ^_^

  5. Three of my grandkids worked as waitress/waiter while going through college. Once I heard their tales about the cheap tippers I got my own act together. I hadn't thought about how much those young people need the tips as added income. So yes, I always tip in restaurants. Also my hairdresser. Beyond that, nope.