Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Hoover Hog and Other Wild Animals



After reading about the lady who was beaten by a frozen armadillo, I began wondering about the armadillo.  I have seen some scurrying across our yard at night, but mostly I see them on the road.


Never had I imagined that the armadillo was an animal to be eaten until I read that article. The article of course got the better of me and I had to check it out.

During the 1930’s President Hoover promised the American people a “chicken in every pot”.  As the depression worsened and people began to scavenge for food.  Their dislike of President Hoover’s politics soon gave the armadillo the name Hoover’s Hog.

I have never tasted armadillo nor do I plan on doing so anytime soon.  I have heard it tastes like chicken.

Many of my neighbors hunt and bring home wild hogs or feral hogs and deer.  I am not fond of wild animal meat.   When people bring it to work and want to share their family recipes, I try to politely turn them down.  Although several times I have unknowingly eaten it.   The taste is different with a tangy taste.  I have eaten fried rabbits several times, while in the Navy. 

Do you eat wild game?  If so, what animals do you eat or have you eaten?


  1. In my lifetime I have eaten rabbit, pheasant, venison, elk, squirrel, and antelope. I grew up during WWII and with everything rationed, my folks put any kind of meat they could find on our table. Truly, wild meat is delicious but you have to marinate it to get rid of the game taste. I have a really good recipe if you're interested.

  2. I have probably eaten every wild game in there is in the Colorado mountains, sometimes out of necessity and others out of curiosity. In 1968 a friend and I hiked a few miles into the Colorado back country and a blizzard trapped us there for about a week. We only had 3 days worth of food (6 days worth of whiskey) and with poor visibility the only thing available was a whistle pig (a noisy rat). It was truly horrible and might have been better with either more whiskey or some garlic, but it did supply the nutrition we needed.